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Physician & Patient Benefits

Dispensing your most commonly prescribed medications directly to patients has a number of benefits:

Physician and Practice Benefits:

  • Increased income:  Generate a new source of profit and cash flow to help offset declining reimbursements and rising costs of managing a practice.
  • Increased productivity and time savings:  Reduced pharmacy phone calls and fax requests.  Dispensing medications can actually save your staff time, helping your practice to focus more on patient care and their experience with your practice.
  • Reduced liability:  The physician is the best advocate for the patient and has the complete facts.  Directly dispensing your prescriptions ensures the patient gets the exact medication you prescribed.     
  • Improved patient outcomes:  Increasingly, physicians are being evaluating on patient outcomes.  Directly dispensing your prescriptions can increase patient compliance.
  • Compete with “mini clinics”:  Retail pharmacies continue to compete with primary care physicians.  By adding PharmaLink’s medication dispensing solution, primary care physicians begin to level the playing field and compete with retail pharmacy mini clinics.
  • Full service practice image: Give your patients the choices and options that they want, to fill their prescriptions where they choose to.  Including at your practice.

Patient Benefits:  The 4 C’s - Convenience, Cost, Compliance and Confidentiality.

  • Convenience:  Save a trip to the pharmacy.  Pharmacy wait times can be hours.  Patients value the time savings of filling prescriptions at their doctor’s office.
  • Cost:  Regardless of the dispensing service you choose: Cash, Insurance Adjudication, or Workers Comp, PharmaLink gives your patients very cost effective options.
  • Compliance:  Various studies cite between 20% to 30% of prescriptions are never filled by patients.
  • Confidentiality:  Our clients report a high utilization of their in-office dispensing option especially when the condition being treated might be sensitive to the patient.  Patients appreciate the option to fill prescriptions in the privacy of their doctor’s office.

Adding PharmaLink’s medication dispensing system to your current services is a sure way of increasing cash flow to your practice. The system is easy to set up and we will be there to assist you every step of the way.

Are you curious about what medication dispensing could do to increase your profit margins? Call one of our experienced staff members toll-free at 1-888-222-2671 or email us today to request more information and to get your business started on the road to increased patient care and profitability, or to schedule a free 15-minute demonstration of our turn-key, easy-to-use software.